Management Control Association


The MCA provides seedcorn funding for its members for research projects, subject to funds being available.

Amounts of funding are small ( up to £3,000) and the MCA Council makes decisions on a case-by-case basis. The broad policy of the Council is that it will fund fieldwork expenses of various types, but not hardware equipment, books, conference attendance or maintenance.

Those who receive funds are asked to acknowledge the MCA’s support in their work and to give a presentation at one of the workshop meetings.

The MCA tend to fund/pay individuals (not their University departments) to reimburse reasonable (receipted) research expenses, e.g. travel & accommodation for data collection

We favour bids from early career researchers (ECRs), generally defined as within 5 years of PhD completion (though a more experienced researcher may also be involved).

Funding can contribute (by exception) to a pilot project for more experienced researchers, e.g. to test out a new methodology, prior to making a larger bid to another body

We expect researchers to do most or all of their own data collection & analysis, to immerse themselves in the data, so tend not to fund research assistant time.


Out-of-cycle applications will be reviewed in exceptional circumstances only, but ordinarily, the review dates are set as follows:

31st October (for decisions in November, projects starting January)

28th February (for decisions in March, projects starting May/June)

30th June (for decisions in July, projects starting in September)


To apply please use the application form below:

MCA Research Funding Application





MCA funding approach: A recent example

 The MCA was pleased to support the work of Giulia Achilli, of Royal Holloway University of London, when she submitted a request for seedcorn funding in 2022. This is Giulia’s short review of the process, and the research that has been enabled through the MCA funding. You can find out more about her project here: .

 “I have recently been awarded seedcorn funding from the Management Control Association (MCA) in support of a pilot project on accounting and management control within the arts sector. I found the whole funding experience, including the application, the feedback received from the committee, the review process and the administrative aspects, very smooth, supportive and friendly.

 The funds received from the MCA have been really helpful to support the data collection for the project, allowing me to cover transcription services and travelling costs. I have presented the study developed, thanks to the support of MCA, at the 39th EGOS Colloquium in July 2023 and hope to present it soon at one of the MCA events!

 Given my very positive experience, I would strongly recommend colleagues, and especially early career researchers, to seek support from the MCA seedcorn funding scheme to kick off their research projects!”

 Dr Giulia Achilli

Lecturer in Accounting