Management Control Association

MCA 2023 International Management Control Conference

The 12th International Management Control Conference will take place at Durham
University Business School, Durham, UK on 20-21st June 2023, with a doctoral colloquium
on 19th June.
Papers are invited on any aspect of management control or performance management
in public, private or third sector organizations. Examples include:
o Conceptual frameworks for management control
o Managerial and organisational performance
o Risk and resilience as part of management accounting/control
o Public sector issues and management accounting/control
o Data analytics in organisational control and management accounting

  • Plenary speakers will include Professors:
  • David Brown (Sydney, Australia)
  • Jim Haslam (Durham, UK)
  • Reinald Minnaar (Nyenrode, Netherlands)
  • Martin Quinn (Queen’s University, Belfast, UK)
  • Miklos Vasarhelyi (University of Durham, UK)


Extended abstracts (see below) or full papers should be submitted to the scientific
committee via the MCA website by 20th
February 2023: following the links to Conference 2023 and paper submission.

The abstract file name should be in the format: abstracttheauthorssurname.docx (or pdf) and the full
paper: fullpapertheauthorssurname.docx (or pdf).

Extended abstracts should be not more than 800 words, single line spaced. The
title of the paper should be at the top of the page, with keywords, the author(s)
name, affiliation, and contact details at the end. The abstract should address:
1. What debate are you entering? – identify the background to the paper, previous
research (with key references) and the issue(s) you are investigating.
2. What is your argument? – identify clearly what you are contributing to the
3. What evidence supports your argument? – summarise the results of empirical
research or source of evidence to substantiate the claims you are making, and
summarise how this data has been collected and analysed.
4. What are your conclusions? – identify implications for theory and/or practice.
30th April 2023 is the deadline for full papers.

Scientific Committee: Professors Elaine Harris, Lisa Jack and Laurence Ferry

Please note that participants will be required to pay for transport to Durham University
Business School, Durham and for accommodation. Further details on the program,
location, etc. will be available on the website at a later date.

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